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Éntér Design

In today's world, the population of the large cities is growing exponentially, and people are finding themselves with increasingly limited living space, it is necessary to transform apartments of 25-40 square meters into livable homes. In our professional opinion, these spaces benefit the most from the involvement of interior designers, as every centimeter matters. Our goal is to ensure that mini studios and one-room apartments can satisfy every individual need, both functionally and aesthetically. A small apartment should not just be a place to retreat but rather a little jewel box, a home



Embarking on a construction project is a demanding task. As architects, we have set ourselves the goal of accompanying you throughout this journey. From the very first moment, whether it is the selection of the plot, we provide professional advice and assist in navigating the labyrinth of regulations. Throughout the design process, we collaborate closely, and understanding your needs through the personal connection, helps us create the most suitable building for you

For a person, the largest and longest-term investment in life is creating a home. We change our clothes seasonally, periodically replace our belongings, but we expect our home to provide stability and security for decades. A home means comfort, a space that is personally shaped, tailored to its inhabitants.


Another significantly important aspect of a person's life is their vocation, career, built with time and effort through hard work. The well-being of oneself and colleagues, the trust of clients, the loyalty of regulars—all depend on how they feel in the space they use.


As designers, our goal is to create these personal spaces, establish a sense of home, and contribute to the success of ventures, whether it's a small apartment, a family home, a workplace, or a public space, be it new construction or renovation.


Our name also embodies this ars poetica. The Hungarian expression "ÉnTér" is a play on words that translates to English as "my space”. But, reading the name in English as „Enter” you can also think of it as an invitation to a space that makes you feel home


The realization of a venture can change a person's life, but often, finding the optimal design that fits your purpose, your personal preferences and your budget poses a challenge. As designers, our goal is to create the most fitting style that contributes to your busines plans while maximizing what can be achieved within the available budget.

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